Our Purpose

At Mayborn Group, we’re the proud owner of global baby essentials brand tommee tippee®.

Our award-winning brand was launched in the UK 50 years ago and was founded with one simple goal - to make everyday life just a little easier for parents around the world.

Woman and baby

We’re as fully committed to that original goal today as we were in 1965, and that’s why we work tirelessly to create innovative and stylish products which are designed to look and feel as great as they work.

We’re passionate about helping mum embrace and enjoy the rollercoaster ride of bringing up baby and that’s why our brand campaign actively encourages all parents to trust their instincts and #ParentOn.

Today, tommee tippee is the Number One feeding brand in the UK and Australia, the fastest growing bottle brand in America and one of the top 5 baby essentials brands in the world.

Our award-winning range of feeding, hygiene and soothing products, is now loved by parents and babies in over 70 countries around the world.

Our vision is to become the world’s #1 mum-to-mum recommended baby essentials brand.

Vintage Baby Cup

The tommee tippee name comes from the Tippee cup, which was actually invented in America. With its unique rounded weighted base, our original sippy cup was impossibile to tip over. The designer’s dog Tommee was also featured on the decoration found on the front of the original cup and that’s how the name tommee tippee was born.