LIFE - Environment

"To minimise the impact of our operations on the environment"

We aim to:

  • Environment.

    Ensure that the use of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials is considered in our New Product Development (NPD) process.

  • Environment.

    Engage our consumers with the end of life recycling of our products, with re-distribution and use opportunities identified through our Community Partnerships (CPs).

  • Environment.

    Expand the Carbon Footprinting Program to capture the CO2e emissions from all of our sites, in order to understand our true global impact on the environment and identify a baseline to measure against.

  • Environment.

    Develop Carbon Reduction Programs at each of our global sites to identify opportunities to reduce the impact of our manufacturing, sourcing, waste, energy usage, distribution and final product disposal activities.

  • Environment.

    To capture robust environmental performance data that meets the demands and scrutiny of our customers and suppliers.

Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators.

We have identified key performance indicators (KPIs) across our "a joyful start to LIFE" program that captures our achievements and best meet the needs of the global business, whilst allowing us to drive improvement in our environmental performance.

We measure direct and indirect emissions at our UK sites in line with the requirements of the Green House Gas (GHG) Protocol Corporate Standard and extended our carbon footprinting measures to our China operations in 2012.

Key performance indicators.



Where possible we use recycled materials in the manufacture of our products and packaging. We are continuously testing alternative 'greener' materials for our products to ensure we offer our consumers a 'greener' choice for feeding and hygiene needs. We conduct further recycling through our own supply chain, manufacturing processes and office locations.

Environmental and Wildlife Guardians

The wildlife trusts.

Mayborn Group was honoured at the Green Guardians Environmental Awards 2013, receiving the "Coping with Climate Change" Award.

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust have also recognised Mayborn Group as Wildlife Guardians for their contribution to environmental conservation.