LIFE - Innovation

"To design and manufacture innovative and responsible products"

We aim to:

  • Innovation.

    Embed the "a joyful start to LIFE" program into our New Product Development (NPD) process.

  • Innovation.

    Complete our Packaging Reduction Program, whilst continually identifying further opportunities to optimise materials and packaging content.

  • Innovation.

    Engage with our suppliers to ensure that we have a robust Ethical and Social Compliance Program.

  • Innovation.

    Identify opportunities to engage our Community Partnerships (CPs) with the development of our products.

  • Innovation.

    To integrate and support the babies and children from our Community Partnerships (CPs) into diverse new marketing campaigns.

  • Innovation.

    To strengthen our consumer research and identify how we can achieve mum to mum (M2M) recommendations for both our innovation and social business practices.

Product Design

closer to nature® utlra bottle.

Our UK based Innovation and Design Department harness the skills and insights from people throughout the organisation and our global supply chain to deliver innovative products, combined with technical excellence. Our products are inspired by babies and parents to deliver great design, quality, sustainability and value.

Our Factories

Our factories are ISO 9001 certified. We believe that this certification ensures internationally recognised quality standards are in place to ultimately benefit our customer and consumers. We also adopt lean and efficient manufacturing techniques to optimise output while minimising the resources consumed.


Our Supply Chain

We request our suppliers to subscribe to SEDEX. We create long term partnerships with our key suppliers and ensure compliance with Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) audits.