LIFE - Learning

"To train, develop, recognise and engage our people"

We aim to:

  • Learning.

    Integrate our "a joyful start to LIFE" program into Mayborn Group's "People" Strategy.

  • Learning.

    Engage our employees immediately with LIFE at Mayborn and throughout their employment with the reporting and sharing of transparent performance data.

  • Learning.

    Develop a global Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Management System, which encompasses the educating of teams to measure effectiveness and compliance with local legislations.

  • Learning.

    Validate and assess the robustness of business performance and data through benchmarking. (Supported through our membership with Business in the Community (BITC)).

  • Learning.

    Engage our employees through regular feedback programs.

  • Learning.

    Enter and win respected "People" Awards.

Training and Development

Our training and development strategy is to;

  • Provide training and development for employees to enhance their performance
  • To meet legal and industry standards
  • To grow the Employee's talent pool for future growth
  • Promote cross functional working across functions and global markets

Communications and Consultation

Our Internal Communication Strategy is to; keep employees engaged and updated on how the business is performing against our strategic and operational plans. We do this by holding quarterly team briefings across the globe lead by the Chief Executive Officer, members of the Executive Team and key members of staff.

We encourage open two way communication to ensure we have trust and transparency in our business activities. We recognise employees who have made significant contributions to the business at these team briefings.

Leysa Relf and Scott Rontree.

Leysa Relf and Scott Rontree accepting a Green Guardians Environmental Award on behalf of Mayborn Group.