Our Impact

Whether it’s protecting the planet for future generations, shaping a fairer society for them to flourish in, or standing up for the rights of parents today, tomorrow and beyond, our Brighter Futures platform sets our intentions as a business and brand that people can trust and believe in.

Our Commitment

Creating a Brighter Future for our planet and future generations.

The United Nations has set out a 2030 agenda for global sustainable development. It has identified 17 goals covering a variety of areas of focus, from Poverty to Inequality and Economic Growth to Clean Energy.

As a business we have aligned to four of these goals and set out our commitments.

Responsible consumption and production

Our Goal

The human impact of the today and generations past has caused great damage to the world. But the power of reversing it lies within people, too.

We’re committed to ensuring our world is as healthy and thriving as the babies who will grow up in it, so we’re setting out a plan to reduce the impact we have on the planet.

We’ve made it a priority to ensure we will be using 100% renewable energy across all our sites, and to be a Zero-to-Landfill business by 2030.

We will aim to reduce our global energy usage year on year, install energy efficient equipment and machinery, and eliminate the use of harmful chemicals across all our manufacturing processes.

Our Achievements

Climate action

Our Goal

To protect the climate of tomorrow, we need to act today so babies of the future will have a safe world to grow up in.

We’re committed to looking after the wellbeing of babies, but in order to do this, we need to ensure that the climate they will grow up in brings them health instead of harm.

We’ve made it a priority to be a Net Zero carbon business by 2030 (excluding Scope 3 freight emissions)* and limit climate damage, aiming to reduce our global carbon footprint, so our babies can grow up in a world that’s as beautiful as they are.

*As the global freight industry is still in the vary early days of developing low carbon or carbon neutral shipping, we have set a 2045 target for Scope 3 freight emissions but all other emission types fall into our 2030 target.

Our Achievements

Life below water

Our Goal

The life of our rivers, seas and oceans is rapidly declining as a result of the impact of humans and pollution on the planet.

We’re committed to cleaning up the world’s waters so our babies can enjoy them. Just like we did.

We’ve made it a priority to clean up the world’s waters by removing single-use (throw away) and difficult to recycle (problem) plastics from everything we do.

Our Achievements

Life on Land

Our Goal

Every living thing is integral to the survival of our planet, so we need to look after every plant, animal and mineral with the same care and attention we give to our babies.

We’re committed to protecting and preserving the natural resources our babies can’t live without.

We’ve made it a priority to ensure that all materials across our business and beyond are sourced and used sustainably by 2030 so we can help give every life on earth what it needs to thrive.

Our Achievements

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