Announcing our partnership with COPE

March 2023

Tommee Tippee is delighted to announce a new partnership in support of our global cause to raise awareness by shining a light on the mental health of parents.

Our partnership is with the Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE), who are a not-for-profit organisation that guides Australian parents through the challenges of becoming and being a parent.

They're committed to stopping the stigma that exists around the perinatal period, so that mums and dads feel supported to speak up and seek help early.

We want to help new and soon-to-be parents feel seen, heard, and understood. We know that not all women receive the support they need for their perinatal mental health, in large part due to fear of judgement and feeling like a burden. Together, Tommee Tippee and COPE have a significant opportunity to reach more women and families, normalise mental health challenges during this extraordinary time of life and offer the right kind of guidance.

Recognising that we’re stronger together, we're committed to supporting the vital and life changing work of the Centre of Perinatal Excellence and Mama Tribe. Mama Tribe is a meet-up community that supports and connects mums across Australia and New Zealand with other mamas in their local area. In 2020, they officially partnered with COPE to champion inclusivity, kindness, and compassion so that there's #nomumleftbehind.

From world-leading research to change the face of perinatal mental healthcare and policy, to virtual and in-person communities, COPE and Mama Tribe strive to ensure that no mum feels lonely, isolated or without support.

The partnership is not just about raising awareness but also taking action and creating lasting change.

Our hopes and goals are that fewer parents suffer, that the emotional journey of becoming and being a parent is smoother, and that when help is needed, it's available, equal, and effective for all.

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